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romanian_movie.jpg Filmul romanesc "Pozitia copilului" a castigat marele premiu "Ursul de Aur" la Berlin (2014-10-30)
The Golden Bear for Best Film went to Romanian film ‘Child’s Pose’ by Calin Peter Netzer.
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screen_shot_2014-10-28_at_16.23.40.png Statiile de metrou care nu sunt folosite vor deveni destinatii turistice? (2014-10-28)
Underneath the streets of London, up to 26 tube stations sit dormant, some haven't been seen by the public since World War II. One organization is working to lease these so-called ghost stations -- planning to transform them into museums, bars or restaurants.

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tesco.jpg Deasupra la Tesco se afla un nor intunecat (2014-10-27)
Sky's Poppy Trowbridge looks at what has caused Tesco's profits to drop so sharply.
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screen_shot_2014-10-23_at_10.48.02.png London's Regent's Canal is drained (2014-10-23)
It is the first of a number of canals in England and Wales to be drained ahead of vital restoration work.
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screen_shot_2014-10-15_at_14.39.04.png Presedintele roman il acuza pe prim-ministru cum ca ar fi fost un agent secret (2014-10-16)
Presedintele roman i-l acuza pe primul-ministrul ca a lucrat ca spion in urma cu zece ani.
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screen_shot_2014-10-14_at_11.25.59.png Metrouri in Londra fara conductor (2014-10-14)
London's subway is due an update. Here's an artist impression of what their future trains will look like and what kind of features they will have.
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screen_shot_2014-10-09_at_10.25.35.png Ebola virus. How can you catch it? (2014-10-09)
A look at how Ebola is caught, how a Spanish nurse is being treated for it, and how authorities are dealing with it. Some 3,400 people have died in the outbreak - mostly in West Africa.
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screen_shot_2014-09-30_at_14.26.08.png A flat like a prison (2014-09-30)
A London property company is charging £255 a week for 'studio apartments' as small as three metres by three metres.
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screen_shot_2014-09-24_at_11.48.40.png London's Newest Skyscraper (2014-09-24)
The tallest skyscraper in London opens to the public this weekend. Dubbed the "Cheesegrater" because of its unique sloped shape, the tower is a feat of engineering: almost 80 percent of the construction was prefabricated in the north of England and shipped in the middle of the night.
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screen_shot_2014-09-16_at_14.02.35.png Prezentatorul meteo al postului BBC s-a rusinat si abia a terminat de transmis mesajul (2014-09-16)
After forgetting where his colleague Jane Hill was reporting from BBC News weatherman Tomasz Schafernaker laughs his way through the forecast....somehow.
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