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0404.png Sahara dust travels to London (2014-04-04)
Air pollution has reached the highest recorded level in parts of the country with "very high" readings for Harrow in London and Rochester in Kent.
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0204.png Awesome flight patterns (2014-04-02)
A simple video effect has been used to reveal the flight patterns of birds. Prof Dennis Hlynsky, who works at the Rhode Island School of Design, created the effect by taking two seconds of footage and overlaying onto one frame. He then repeated this technique frame by frame.
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2703.png Documentary - Romanians in the UK: bad timing (2014-03-27)
A team of Romanian journalist went to the UK and spoke with politicians, police officers, journalists, British citizens and Romanian immigrants, either successful people or homeless men and women. We wanted to see if there`s any truth in all the shock-stories that announced a `flood` of Romanians in 2014
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2603.png New rail link to 'garden city' at Barking Riverside (2014-03-26)
Chancellor George Osborne has given the go-ahead for a new rail link which should see a "garden city" built on the banks of the Thames.
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2103.png Prices in Tower Hamlets increase by a third in last year (2014-03-21)
The picture over the last year also shows a slowdown for prices in Kensington & Chelsea, however Tower Hamlets is the big boom area over the 12 month period.
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1903.png Buy a nuclear bunker for only £50,000! (2014-03-19)
A hidden underground Cold War Bunker near Newquay is being offered for sale by South West Water (SWW).

SWW said it was part of a secret emergency centre built in 1978, to protect essential water and sewerage operations in a nuclear war.
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1403.png The world against romanian dogs slaughter! (2014-03-14)
2000 people only in Bucharest, thousands of people
all over Romania, more than 100.000 people all over
the world protested against romanian dogs killers.
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1203.png Prince Charles - Living in harmony with nature in Romania (2014-03-12)
Beautiful nature of Romania adored by Prince Charles.
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1104.png History of Ukraine in 5 minutes (2014-03-11)
Paul Kelso tells the turbulent story of Ukraine, which became a nation in its own right just 23 years ago.
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0603.png 13 year old builds a nuclear reactor (2014-03-06)
He's built a nuclear reactor. He's also a just become a teenager. Take a look at the moment when a 13-year-old Jamie Edwards from the UK became the youngest person ever to successfully carry out atomic fusion.
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