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screen_shot_2014-08-21_at_09.58.35.png Will robots take our jobs? (2014-08-21)
It's very clear by now that technology has automated many of tasks we once had to labour through - but what about your job?
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screen_shot_2014-08-15_at_10.02.46.png Ferraris & Bugattis invade London (2014-08-15)
From Ferraris to Bugattis, supercars and their rich owners are back in London this summer.
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screen_shot_2014-07-23_at_11.54.09.png The Great Big Romanian Invasion (2014-07-25)
At the tail end of 2013 the papers were full of panic-inducing headlines about the prospect of millions of Romanians waiting to invade our shores, take our jobs and fleece our welfare system once EU border controls were relaxed on January 1.
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screen_shot_2014-07-24_at_14.23.53.png Algerian jet missing on Sahara route (2014-07-24)
Algeria's national airline, Air Algerie, says it has lost contact with one of its planes flying from Burkina Faso. Contact was lost about 50 minutes after take-off from Ouagadougou, the airline is quoted by Algeria's state news agency as saying.
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screen_shot_2014-07-18_at_13.40.46.png Ukraine plane crash: recorded phone calls 'prove separatists shot down Malaysian jet' (2014-07-18)
As allegations grow that a Malaysian airliner which crashed on Thursday, killing more than 290 people, was shot down, both the Ukrainian government and separatists are denying any involvement.
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screen_shot_2014-07-15_at_14.47.06.png Freak hailstorm at the beach (2014-07-15)
Swimmers and sunbathers were forced to run for cover when hit a freak hailstorm hit a beach in Siberia, Russia, on Saturday.
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screen_shot_2014-07-10_at_14.40.55.png Cash is no longer accepted at London buses (2014-07-10)
Sunday 6th July saw the first day in the history of London's buses that cash or coins aren't accepted as payment for a bus fare. People have raised concerns about the change which affects 1% of passengers.
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screen_shot_2014-07-01_at_11.49.43.png British go to Romania (2014-07-01)
In a reverse of Open Borders to the UK, some British people are going to Romania to settle down.
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screen_shot_2014-06-25_at_09.59.31.png The most beautiful metro in the world (2014-06-25)
St Petersburg-born photographer Alexander Dragunov took the BBC on a tour of Stockholm’s metro system, and showed off some of his favourite stations on the network.
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tmp.png Renewing your driving licence within the EU (2014-06-20)
What to do you when your driving licence expires when you live abroad, that’s the question in this edition of Utalk and it comes from Claudia in Amsterdam: “I’m Italian but I live in the Netherlands. Can I request a new driving licence in the Netherlands, since my Italian one is about to expire?”

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