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selecteaza persoane ce doresc sa devina distribuitori aparatura si consumabile medicale. focus: chirurgie, ortopedie, trauma. avantaj: experienta ca medic, asistenta, contacte in zona medicala, studii
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email: sales@bamedica.com
become a british american medica distributor in a specific area

help the clients in your area get funded to open a hospital, a clinic or purchase state-of-art medical equipment.

earn a great commission and enter a rewarding bonus system - all while helping people in your region access the best medical services available by supplying the latest state-of-art medical technologies for most sectors, such as healthcare services and facilities, medical devices and equipment (including, but not limited to surgery, trauma, laboratory), medical insurance, medical services, managed care, and pharmaceuticals, along with its related segments.

as a distributor or agent, a part of your primary activities will consist of providing help to local entrepreneurs, doctors, other medical experienced professionals, as well as individuals who are interested in opening a medical practice, a clinic, a small or large hospital or who want to sell medical products and services for medical businesses, such as:

sleep disorder clinics

dental laboratories & other dental businesses

psychiatric & substance abuse facilities

blood & organ banks

family planning & abortion clinics

hospices and palliative care centers

general medical clinics

general surgical clinics

various specialty clinics

general medical hospitals

general surgical hospitals

various specialty hospitals

as a distributor or agent, you can also provide assistance to your clients if they require funding, money to build or buy a turn-key hospital or clinic, pharma products (including, but not limited to pharmaceuticals and chemicals for all areas), medical equipment for use in sectors such as surgery, intensive care, laboratory, any of the latest available technology and versatile state-of-the-art medical devices - do not hesitate to contact your local representative and, after clear discussions with the sales funding team, they will introduce you to one of our financial partners for your clients to be funded.

send a short e-mail mentioning your area of interest and a local representative will provide the best possible assistance to help you become a distributor or agent, as well as select the first buffer stock of products, see which demo stock is suitable for you, find out how to help your clients get funded, as well as participate at local specialized events, such as specific medical local or regional fairs, exhibitions, local launches, grand openings of clinics, hospitals, other medical centers and so on.

more information on bamedica.com

british american medica

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