For sale yamaha four stroke 300hp outboard engine anunt: For sale yamaha four stroke 300hp outboard engine
price: $8500usd

this engine is not only powerful, but lightweight, due to its innovative plasma-fused sleeveless cylinders, which not only reduces weight but provides an increased engine capacity for improved power and performance. this engine also comes with yamaha’s top-end technologies including a ‘drive-by-wire’ electronic throttle for smooth and precise control. compatible with mechanical (25” shaft) or digital controls

recommended fuel: 89 octane
shaft lengths available: 25”, 30” and 35” (35” on f300 dec only)
alternator output: up to 70 amp descriptions
fuel induction system:efi
starting system:electric
ignition system:tci microcomputer
lubrication system:wet sump measurements
displacement:256 cid
bore:3.78 in
weight:562 lb
weight type:dry
stroke:3.78 in

alternator output:70 volts

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contact for purchase.

marketing manager: rodnik germain


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