HOT GIRLS WANTED/ INCALL/OUTCALL +18 anunt: Hi there to the all the girls who wants to reach their goals and earn fast and easy money by working on their choosen job. we give you the opportunity to do them just by calling us on this phone number 07466693170 and speaking to us for more details. the accommodation is paid from us and there will be extra stuff for free too, the benefits will be 50/50 preferred balkan girls, but there are welcomed every other nations. we are located in north east (newcastle city centre)
contact us on whatsapp for better informations. nu este responsabilă pentru conținutul anunțurilor: textul, contactele furnizate etc. Dacă credeți că conținutul unui anunț clasificat este fals sau ilegal, vă rugăm să luați legătura cu
2022-09-21 08:01
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